Why Being a Student Should be Your Full-Time Job

I was a pretty Type A student. I liked to have a binder for every class, decorated according to the subject matter. I had tabs and dividers and all of the folders. I made my own planner- and that was before bullet journaling was cool! I even carried my own mini-stapler.

I also worked from the age of 16 on. I sold coffee and books in a local bookshop, I slung candy from a kiosk in the mall, I dolled out calendars seasonally, I did lots of different things. Point being, for most of my high school and college life, I had a job while being a student.

Nonetheless, I knew that being a student was my full-time job.

So, what does it mean to make being a student your full-time job?

It means that being a student is your number one priority. If you are a high school student who has ambitions of doing more with your life and going to college, then being a student and everything that goes along with it (homework, quizzes, tests, even extracurricular activities) needs to come before a job that you may have or certain activities that won’t serve you in the long term.

Luckily, there are a lot of fun parts that go along with being student, like clubs and sports and fun activities. And you get to hang out with your friends at school. But if it comes down to hanging out with a friend during lunch for 15 minutes or proofreading your English paper, you should make sure that your paper is the best that it can be. That’s what it means to make being a student your full-time job- doing whatever you need to do to do your best and set yourself up for success.

Natalie Luer

Natalie Luer

Providing ability assessments and career coaching to teens, twenty-somethings, and millennials.

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