Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

From 14 to 114.

Abilities stabilize at around age 14, so that is the earliest age that I accept for consultation.

Anyone who is interested in learning about themselves. People who are facing turning points in their lives often benefit from this type of self-awareness, as well as young people who want more confidence in what they have to offer.

I do not. I believe so strongly in the Highlands Ability Battery that I do not feel the need to offer assessments.

Besides the fact that it is an objective measure of one’s abilities, the HAB is all about emphasizing your strong points. We are so conditioned to think of a high score as the only good score, but no matter how you score in any particular section, there is strength to be found there.

Ultimately, though, the power of the HAB lies in the debrief. How often do you get the chance to sit down with someone and talk about what makes you awesome? Just reading through a report does not give you the same kind of insight and understanding that a session with a trained professional can provide.


If you are in Northwest Arkansas (NWA) vicinity and would like a face-to-face meeting, I will send you my address once you have registered for your appointment time. If you are further afield, we can use the power of technology to connect us through a video session, which you would also have the option to record. For group sessions, I can travel to a location that is convenient for your group. 

Absolutely. Even if you have diagnosed learning differences, the HAB can still benefit you. It is recommended, however, that if you are on any medication for ADD or ADHD that you, in order to create your usual working conditions, take whatever is typical for you.

My regular business hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm. But I will make special exceptions for your unique situation- just let me know what you need and we will make it work!

Yes! For individual packages, all packages come with the option of making 4 monthly payments for a small additional charge. 

For people under the age of 25, parental involvement can be a powerful benefit to your sessions. Since there is so much information given, it is very helpful to have an extra set of ears there! Therefore, for anyone under the age of 25, I require at least one parent to be present at the individual debrief and subsequent sessions.


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